"My hand analysis by Kate gave me the confidence to take action and go after what I want. She confirmed that what I want to do is aligned with my life purpose. I love "knowing" my purpose instead of continuing to doubt and question myself and what to do.

Hearing things about myself that Kate could not know was fascinating and reaffirming. I strongly believe that everyone should have their hands analyzed. I love knowing and understanding more about myself!"

Tara Conti, CFP®
Financial Planner and Life Coach, Kinetic Life Coaching, LLC

"When I booked my consultation with Kate Arnold I was looking for some insights as to how to move forward because at the time, I was feeling indecisive about the direction to take my business. This was my first experience of hand analysis and I was not sure what to expect. But as soon as Kate told me what she read in my fingertips alone I felt relief and excitement and I felt validated. Now I under stand myself better and knowing what my "purpose" is has given me the confidence to embrace the changes I want to make. I wish I'd found her sooner."

Kathleen Ann, Sydney Australia

"There have been lots of improvements and good changes for me since my hand analysis session with you! Foremost, there's the big improvement in my ability to speak up! Earlier this year, even though I was thinking and focusing on positive thoughts, I could not articulate them. Because of the insights from my session with you, I was able to seek and utilize additional support through EFT tapping and working with Abraham-Hicks, and now I am able to articulate my positive viewpoints! I am coming from my center now, and I know my value! This is amazing and cool, and I could not have done it without you!!! It was your hand reading that showed me I have a block in expressing myself. That was something I felt, but did not know consciously. It opened the door, to allow me to excavate and look for a solution. Thank you so much for this!"

Jenny Wang, 3D Artist


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