Turn Your Life Around
Find Your Way Out Of Addictions
That Stifle Your Creativity

Hand reading saved my life. It can lead you into happiness, fulfillment and satisfying artistic expression.

If you are an artist caught up in patterns that get in the way of creating what you know you are capable of, it may seem there’s no way out.  Possibly dissatisfaction and frustration led you into addictions to numb the pain.  Now you’re stuck. Even in recovery, you find yourself unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

I’ve been there, too. After struggling with my personal experience before recovery from addictions and even in recovery, I could no longer ignore what I learned in my hand analysis. I HAD to express my skills and talents and manage the challenges I was born with.

Every gift has a reaction that isn’t pretty if you’re not using it. Addiction was my preferred method for hiding out, numbing out and checking out. Being addicted allowed me to continue living in a bad dream I had created. I was hiding from the fact that I wasn’t expressing my true nature.

I was a maverick, always seeking attention through acting out and bucking the system. I was experiencing my unlived purpose in self destructive behavior. Inside, that purpose was screaming at me, trying to get my attention.  Perhaps you have an inner screamer as well.

What did my hand reading tell me? That I am a powerful healing artist with a message, and that I’m supposed to be in the spotlight. This is a Soul need, not an ego need.

Many women who are deeply creative are suffering in the same way. If this sounds familiar, I can help you move from frustrated self-destruction to glorious self-expression.

End The Suffering
Let Your Creativity Bloom
Be Productive And Fulfilled As You Were Meant To Be

Maybe you are where I was, deeply frustrated but not knowing exactly what’s inside struggling to be expressed.  My hand reading was a lifeline. It so impacted me that I knew I wanted to help other women like me.

Baeth Davis, the renowned hand analyst who read my hands and coached me in using the results, is my mentor. I was trained by her through the International Institute of Hand Analysis, and am certified by them.

Live life full out. Take advantage of my innate wisdom and intuitive counseling skills. Find, as so many others have, that path to exuberant artistic expression.

What You Are Seeking Is Seeking You
What You Are Looking For Is What You Are Looking With

Encoded in your fingerprints is your Soul Agenda. Of all the possibilities for you to experience in this lifetime, you chose a certain combination of skills, abilities and desires for optimal expression of Who You Are.

That agenda is calling to you to discover and live it. It is what drives you. And it is what drives you crazy until you find it.

Your fingerprints provide the road map. Coaching gives you the interpretation, support, and encouragement you need for forward movement. It’s easy to become distracted and get off track. After all, you have years of experience paying attention to what’s out there instead of the joy of expressing the inner you. Especially if you are in a cycle of addiction, denial.

Maybe you’ve tried coaching or counseling or therapy. Without the information, you have been left alone to figure out what you truly want to do with your life, those attempts may have been fruitless. With your hand reading in mind, coaching will guide you to a happy expression of your destiny.


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